Stop letting OCD hold you back!



Are you worried that you will never have the relationship that you want because of your OCD?


Have you given up on your career dreams because of your OCD? 


Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed and not know what to do?

Imagine feeling relief from OCD.


Imagine understanding your OCD and being able to take charge of it.


Imagine joining a community of people who understand what you are going through.

We have something that can help you.

Mastering OCD framework gives you the step by step guidelines to conquer your OCD.

The four pillars of Mastering OCD:

Know what OCD is

The most common misconception is that OCD is contamination based or symmetry based anxiety issue.  

The truth is there are at least 19 sub-types of OCD and what this is important is because you may not realize that what you are dealing with is in fact OCD!  This means you are suffering for a long period of time and start to lose confidence in yourself.


Know your OCD hooks

You have to understand the nuances of what triggers your OCD cycle.  

You have to understand the nuances of what triggers your OCD cycle so that instead of giving into your urges you learn how to identify then for what they are and start practicing a different response.  


Take control of anxiety

I know you wish you could make it all go away, however, everything changes when you step up and take control and go after your OCD deliberately and no longer wait for it to hit you upside the head. 


Adapting to change

One of the most important parts about having OCD is that it morphs.  If what you were doing already was working, you wouldn't be here.  

So this pillar will teach you how to become a master problem solver so that you are confident in your ability to adapt and change.  


Here is what you can expect when you follow the Mastering OCD framework:


I have learned not to be afraid but rather to accept my thoughts and feelings without judging them. Such a great experience, totally recommend it!"

~F. V.

"Kristina offers an incredible 6-week OCD training...  She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and supportive. I am so grateful to this training and how it has changed my life. " 


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